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April 13, 2022

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In January 2022, our long-haired dachshund, Django, had again surgical procedure for Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). Inside 48 hours after his again legs turned paralyzed, Django underwent spinal surgical procedure, and a canine neurologist efficiently eliminated herniated disc materials from Django’s spinal canal. You possibly can read all about Django’s IVDD experience here and study what to instantly do in case you suspect your canine is affected by IVDD.

For the primary time, we (Mike and Steph) turned very conversant in the true prices surrounding canine again surgical procedure. Whereas the value of IVDD surgical procedure varies drastically, we discovered that the whole invoice is much larger than simply the operation value; it additionally contains exams, boarding, medicine, anesthesia, and so forth.

On this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we study the “all in” value of IVDD surgical procedure for canines. We additionally examine the success fee of IVDD surgical procedure to non-surgical IVDD therapy choices. And eventually, we focus on which IVDD therapies are sometimes coated by pet insurance coverage.

When all IVDD surgical and non-surgical prices are accounted for, the whole invoice can vary from $6,000 to $12,000 for small or medium canines and as a lot as $8,000 to $14,000 for giant canines.

The Price of IVDD Surgical procedure Depends upon A number of Key Variables

The value of IVDD spinal surgical procedure—the operation itself—is predicated on a number of elements: the place your canine’s spinal wire is broken, what number of impacted places want operation, and the period of the surgical procedure. Complicated and prolonged surgical operations shall be costlier than faster and less complicated surgical procedures. The overall value of the IVDD operation will possible vary from $3,000 to $9,000. 

As a reference, Django’s IVDD surgical procedure value was $4,700. Dr. Jenny Scarano from Purple Banks Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey eliminated diseased disk materials from Django’s spinal canal on the T12-13 location. Django’s IVDD surgical procedure took roughly 1.5 hours. Our neurologist mentioned Django’s IVDD surgical procedure would have been costlier if he had greater than two vertebrae that wanted to be fastened.

Non-Surgical Prices of IVDD in Canine

As well as to IVDD surgical procedure, you can be charged for non-surgical gadgets associated to your canine’s operation and ongoing therapy throughout the hospital keep. This stuff will possible embrace anesthesia, anxiousness meds and sedatives, ache killers, imaging scans, meals, and boarding.

Beneath is an itemized record of many non-surgical expenses Mike and I paid for associated to Django’s IVDD surgical procedure. Keep in mind, costs will range primarily based in your geographic location and facility. We dwell in New Jersey, and costs are comparatively larger than many different areas of the U.S. (albeit not as excessive as the place we used to dwell, New York Metropolis).

  • Referral examination — $85
  • Hospitalization $363
  • MRI — $1,850
  • Chest x-ray — $360
  • Blood check (CBC depend) —  $62
  • Boarding (per day)  — $85
  • IV fluid change (per day) $99
  • Penicillin shot — $149
  • Anti-anxiety medicine (i.e., Gabapentin) $71

As you possibly can see from the above record, the second most costly merchandise associated to Django’s IVDD surgical procedure was his Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. The MRI was essential to pinpoint the precise location(s) of Django’s IVDD and ensure that surgical procedure was certainly wanted. Canine MRIs usually value anyplace from $1,500 to three,000 in the USA.

As a reference, our last hospital invoice totaled $8,600.

Further Elements that Affect the Price of IVDD Surgical procedure

Geography performs a key function in IVDD surgical procedure pricing. Basically, board-certified canine neurologists in massive and costly cities like NYC and San Francisco will cost greater than canine neurologists in cities and cities with a decrease value of residing.

Timing might also be an element, relying in your animal hospital’s pricing coverage. As a result of IVDD may cause incurable paralysis, it’s typically thought-about a surgical emergency. In case your dachshund has again surgical procedure throughout the holidays or in the course of the night time, pricing could also be larger than the comparable value throughout regular enterprise hours. Once more, it will rely in your specific animal hospital.

“How Will I Be Billed for My Canine’s IVDD Surgical procedure?”

You’ll possible be invoiced and billed for all gadgets concurrently. Most veterinary clinics that carry out IVDD surgical procedure will ask you to pay an upfront deposit, i.e., 30-50% of your uninsured canine’s whole estimated invoice. Which means that in case your canine’s whole estimated invoice is $9,000 (like ours was), you can be required to place down an upfront deposit of $2,700-$4,500.

The success fee of IVDD surgical procedure depends upon the severity of your canine’s IVDD prognosis and the size of time between your canine’s first signs (i.e., IVDD stage) and his again surgical procedure. 

If your canine can really feel ache when admitted for surgical procedure (i.e., IVDD phases 1-4), there’s a 96% probability he’ll be capable to stroll once more inside 3 months. Roughly 76% of wiener canines that can’t really feel their toes (i.e., stage 5) may even totally get better in 6-12 months if they’ve surgical procedure inside 24 hours. Click here to learn more about the different stages of IVDD.

The velocity of your canine’s restoration can be primarily based on what space of your canine’s spinal wire is broken. Roughly 18% of bulging discs are within the neck (cervical), whereas 65% are within the mid-back (lumbar). In keeping with DVM360, dachshunds with a mid-back damage (Django’s prognosis) heal quicker than sausage canines with a neck damage. 

In case your sausage canine has IVDD however can nonetheless stroll (i.e., phases 1-3), he would possibly be capable to get better with out surgical procedure. Non-surgical therapies for IVDD embrace anti-inflammatories, ache meds, strict crate relaxation, laser remedy, and acupuncture.

In October 2020, Django was identified with gentle IVDD (i.e., stage 2). After taking him to a canine neurologist, we put him on strict crate relaxation for 6 weeks. Django was solely allowed out of his crate to cuddle and for potty breaks. Happily, he totally recovered from this specific back injury

Sadly, in case your dachshund nonetheless has again or neck ache after 4-7 days of strict crate relaxation, or reveals indicators of decay and/or paralysis, IVDD surgical procedure could also be the most effective or solely choice. The aim of IVDD surgical procedure is to take stress off your sausage canine’s spinal wire. To stop additional harm to his spinal wire and/or everlasting paralysis, surgical procedure ought to be finished inside 24-48 hours. 


Every IVDD stage requires a unique therapy plan. Gentle IVDD (i.e., phases 1-2) is normally handled with strict crate relaxation and medical administration. Again surgical procedure is sort of all the time the usual therapy for dachshunds with extreme IVDD (i.e., phases 3-5).

Based mostly in your dachshund’s IVDD stage and therapy plan (i.e, with surgical procedure or with out surgical procedure), VCA Animal Hospitals lists the next common success charges.


IVDD Stage

Surgical procedure 

Non-Surgical IVDD Remedies

Stage 1: as much as 1 week 



Stage 2: previous 1 week



Stage 3: as much as 3 days 



Stage 4: as much as 3 days

(Django’s diagnosis)


Lower than 25% 

Stage 5: as much as 24 hours 


Lower than 5%

Most pet insurance companies won’t cowl dachshunds which have been identified, handled, and/or are exhibiting the signs of IVDD earlier than your pet insurance coverage coverage’s begin date. In keeping with the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 25% of sausage canines and 15% of different canine breeds mixed want a second again surgical procedure 3 years after their first IVDD surgical procedure.

In case your wiener canine develops IVDD after the ready interval, pet insurance coverage corporations like Embrace and Healthy Paws will cowl a number of totally different IVDD surgical procedures. These embrace ventral slot, fenestration, laminectomy, and hemilaminectomy. Hemilaminectomies are the most common surgical treatment for canine IVDD. Most pet insurance coverage corporations additionally cowl diagnostic checks for IVDD like neurological exams, MRIs, X-rays, and myelograms. 

So long as a licensed vet prescribes them, most pet insurance coverage corporations will present protection and/or reimbursement for FDA-approved prescription medicines. Some pet insurance coverage corporations even have a Wellness Rider that you could add on for an additional payment. It covers IVDD dietary supplements like cod liver oil and turmeric powder.


How a lot did your canine’s IVDD surgical procedure value? Was his spinal surgical procedure coated by pet insurance coverage? Tell us within the feedback under. And comply with Django’s IVDD restoration on Facebook and Instagram.

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