Samoyed Names for Your Smiling Pup


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The gorgeous Samoyed, recognized for its fluffy white coat and playful “Sammy smile,” traces its roots again to Siberia. If you’re welcoming certainly one of these companions into your life, we’ve fetched Samoyed names impressed by the Samoyed’s distinctive look, ancestral homeland, Arctic and widespread Siberian and Russian names.

Samoyed Names for Your New Puppy

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Samoyed Nicknames

  • Sam
  • Sammy or Sammie
  • Smiley: The well-known “Sammy Smile” provides the Samoyed this nickname!

Different Names for Samoyed

  • B.J.: Bjelkier is a little bit of a mouthful however B.J. can be a cute identify.
  • Sobaka: Samoiedskaya Sobaka is certainly an excessive amount of to shout out on the canine park however Sobaka can be identify for Samoyeds.
  • Laika: Nemetskaya Laika or Nemets Herding Laika is one other identify for the Samoyed; Laika is a Russian phrase for barker.

Arctic Themed Canine Names

Arctic Dog Names
  • Blizzard
  • Brisk
  • Chilly
  • Crystal
  • Flurry
  • Freezy
  • Frosty
  • Frozen
  • Glacier
  • Icicle
  • Icy
  • Polar
  • Polar Bear
  • Snow
  • Snowball
  • Snowy
  • Ursa: “bear”
  • Vortex
  • Winter
  • Wintry

Names Impressed by the Samoyed’s White Coat

  • Alabaster
  • Bisque
  • Biscuit: A reference to the “Biscuit” fur coloration of some Samoyed
  • Cloud
  • Cotton
  • Diamond
  • Dove
  • Ermine
  • Fog
  • Ghost
  • Ivory
  • Mist
  • Misty
  • Pearl
  • Quartz
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Yogurt

Siberian Feminine Names

The Samoyed originated in Siberia in an space that’s residence to the Nenets folks, who additionally converse the language of Nenets. Nenets is now thought-about an endangered language by UNESCO. Listed here are among the finest Nenets names for women:

  • Edeyne: new girl
  • Evane: orphan, an acceptable identify for a Samoyed rescue canine
  • Khadako: grandmother, a reputation for an older Samoyed rescue
  • Khadne: that means blizzard girl (for women born in a blizzard), this identify may additionally seek advice from the Samoyed’s lovely white coat
  • Khoni: sleepy
  • Neko: girl
  • Syvne: winter girl
  • Yedeyne: new girl

Siberian Male Names

As with our checklist of women’ names, this checklist of boys’ names options male names within the Nenets tradition:

  • Igney: Ignatius
  • Iriko: grandfather, a sensible choice when adopting a senior Samoyed
  • Kona: Nicholas
  • Noley: Alexis
  • Nolyako: the smallest
  • Petrako: Peter

Russian Feminine Names

  • Alina: lovely
  • Alisa: happiness
  • Anya: grace
  • Ekaterina: excellent
  • Kira: chief or beloved
  • Mila: expensive one
  • Mischa: bee or Who’s like God?
  • Natalya: birthday or Christmas
  • Oksana: reward be to God
  • Pasha: small
  • Polina: small
  • Sasha: defender or helper of mankind

Russian Male Names

  • Alexei: defender
  • Andrei: manly, warrior
  • Dmitri: lover of the Earth
  • Igor: warrior
  • Ivan: God’s gracious reward or God is gracious
  • Leonid: lion like
  • Lev: lion
  • Luka: bringer of sunshine
  • Maxim: best
  • Mikhail: who’s like God
  • Nikolai: victorious
  • Pasha: small
  • Sasha: defender or helper of mankind
  • Valentin: sturdy, wholesome

Geographic Names from Siberia

Siberia Inspired Dog Names
  • Amur: the world’s tenth longest river provides its identify to Siberia’s Amur leopard and Amur Tiger
  • Arctic: northern boundary of Siberia
  • Baikal: The world’s deepest lake
  • Kola: The Kola Peninsula is the house of most of the Nenets folks.
  • Laika: Canines from Siberia which included many varieties; the Samoyed is usually known as the Samoyed Laika. Laika is a Russian phrase that means “barker.”
  • Lena: One of many three largest rivers in Siberia
  • Omsk: One of many two largest cities in Siberia
  • Tomsk: a metropolis in Siberia
  • Tundra
  • Ural: Ural Mountains of Siberia
  • Yamal: The Yamal Peninsula

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Samoyed Names

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