Celebrities With Their Canines – Celebrities & Their Pets

This video is about Celebrities With Their Canines & Their Pets ▻Want Canine Coaching? https://bit.ly/Free-Canine-Coaching-Right here ▻Get a …


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12 Responses

  1. Noemi Armas says:

    Aww tessa we're in Love
    no pussycats tess.

  2. Noemi Armas says:

    ohh Tessa Holland Looks Adorable.

  3. Jax K says:

    sweet video. but you should change "Inspired by" in the details to "we took FilmArsty's video, put the clips in a slightly different order, left part of their voice over in, and then posted it as our own video"

  4. CookieCa7 says:

    dave has exactly the dogs id hope him to have

  5. Is it just me or does tom holland's dog look like a cane corso

  6. I think one of them was a boxer dog I love boxers and that was a boxer for sure

  7. Dana Armas says:

    Tessa the dog stole the show

  8. Noemi Armas says:

    Oh omg hahahahahaha akward

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