Celebrities Who Have Brazenly Displayed Their Immense Love For Canines

Celebrities Who Have Brazenly Displayed Their Immense Love For Canines ❄ Tiu Tiu is attention-grabbing channel about humorous, individuals, …


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48 Responses

  1. Madison Hall says:

    Where is Tom Felton!?!

  2. Fred100159 says:

    The majority of these people had me saying "Who?"

    FFS, I feel really old now. 😢

  3. Maurice Bate says:

    It weird now many stars look like their dogs (in a nice way ) 😊😊😊

  4. doggiesarus says:

    Goldbloom? A poodle? Life will uh…find a way.

  5. Sibyl Devlin says:

    I love that Sophie Turner and her adopted "direwolf" co-star, Zunni (Lady on GoT) is on here.

  6. Diego Gatti says:

    I dunno who half of them is, im feeling old (im 40)

  7. The Rock with that little, tiny dog….

  8. ❤️❤️❤️Every single dog is beautiful! ¡Todos los chuchitos están hermosos!

  9. Geoff bush says:

    Lovely doggy pics, but who are most of these people?

  10. For me life without dogs is no life! I would love to have a farm and rescue loads of dogs!🥰🥰🥰

  11. Never trust a human being that doesn't love dogs. They would put pineapple on a pizza.

  12. CARRY FISHER, R.I.P. FOREVER <3 <3 <3. And her BELOVED Frenchie Gary!!!

  13. Ladyne77 says:

    Isn't the doggo in Lady Gaga's photo the one who was killed when that guy from Ohio abducted her dogs? All of these are so sweet!

  14. Kynthia Em says:

    Obama's dog Bo died today of cancer😭😭.Atleast all dogs go to heaven RIP💔

  15. Baker 3311 says:

    Never heard of half these people.

  16. Jayne Horn says:

    Don’t even know who half these people are

  17. Mx. Phoenix says:

    There were three types of celebrities in this video: 1) ones I actually know, 2) ones I've heard the name of but not their face, 3) who the hell are you??

  18. Panbaneesha says:

    This is really cute. Now if people would just understand that short-nosed breeds (bulldogs, pugs etc.) are not. Their raspy breathing/snoring is not cute. They can't breathe properly, they can't regulate their body temperature, because the airways/sinus cavities have been bred away.

  19. I love blink at all these pictures. ( Love blinking is a cats way of showing their happiness.)

  20. Dandy Candy says:

    Half of this celebrities are unknown to me.

  21. I'd love to see more shelter dogs being adopted.

  22. tami welch says:

    Obama got rid of dog after he left .

  23. I love when people have dogs that look a little like them. Amanda Seyfried’s matches her well.

  24. Summer Baby says:

    I'm loving all the pitties/bully breeds I'm seeing! 😘🥰🐶

  25. F GAGA she even lets her dog walker take the bullet 0XÞ

  26. Hello, very interesting Channel. Thank You sooooo much posting this great Pictures from all these VIP's with their lovely Doggie 's. Sending more PLEASE ❤️. GREETINGS

  27. Saffa says:

    Shame they couldn't show the same affection and respect for almost half of their nation's voting population.

  28. OMG that music is unbearable!!!!!! Only solution watching it muted.

  29. Never heard of Chris Evans but…..i loooooove his dog🐕

  30. Saborise says:

    All actors get 10+ style points JUST for loving dogs

  31. tedium37 says:

    Goldblum's is a perfect reflection of himself. Also happy to see so many pits finally getting good press.

  32. Ruth Resetar says:

    Henry Cavill. Yes, please!

  33. PREPFORIT says:

    That cold-hearted a hole trump hates dogs.

  34. I wonder if obama washed his hands after touching a dog….
    Just shows how fake this is…

  35. Greg Settle says:

    Love the dogs, etc but who the hell are some of those people?

  36. Must be nice to have someone to take cute pictures of you with your dog….

  37. Would be so much better if they were all rescues..

  38. Robin Walker says:

    I love this video and I love it that so many of these people have Pit Bulls. This made me smile. Thank you.

  39. LADY J says:

    No idea who most of these people are anyway

  40. jack chatham says:

    The Rock doesn't seem to be aware of the dog in his picture

  41. Tammy Wehner says:

    to be honest, i recognized only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the names and much less of them through their pictures. I wouldn't recognize most of them walking down the street other than the attitudes of wealth.

  42. Giggi Widit says:

    3:00 : Orlando Bloom looked as if he had photoshopped himself into that picture … I think that he's secretly a cat person myself … =999 =DDD

  43. When dogo's say's it all.

  44. jodie4609 says:

    No Kaley cuoco ?

  45. Great pics, all, but the best one is of Dodger and what's his name. Dodge is such a ham, and he knows it.

  46. Liam Hemsworth is nearly as handsome as his hound.

  47. D.L. Moore says:

    Patrick Stewart was fostering that pitbull and fell in love with it, but was unable to keep it due to the "restricted breed" crap where he lives full-time. That would have made ME relocate.

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